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Reuse of energy

In the background of the digital revolution, hard work is being done to maintain capacity and infrastructure. The heat generated by the server capacity and infrastructure is almost always dissipated to the outside air.

Decentralization of servers

Typically, companies place servers together. Although economies of scale are possible here, this also creates additional risks. By using decentralized data centers, the risks can be reduced and the network is relieved

Efficient cooling

We use the heat released from a data center to heat greenhouses and buildings. This results in direct savings for both the data center and the user of the heat.


Heating can be done via both water and air.


The possibilities

Intern - Air

The servers are placed in the greenhouse or building. The heat is transported through the greenhouse or building by means of (existing) pipes.


Depending on the necessary adjustments, the turnaround time is between 2 and 8 weeks.

Extern - Air

The servers are delivered in a container and connected to the internal air heating system.


We are looking for Pilot customers for this solution

Extern - Water

The servers are delivered in a container. In this situation, however, the servers are cooled in an innovative way, so that the heat can be dissipated by means of water at approximately 60 ° C.


In development - contact us for the possibilities



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